MAY 3RD, 2018

And Being Mindful of it- Not Just For Others Sake

In past years, some schools have enforced a strict “No Touching Rule” due to the excessive PDA. They mean well; it’s in the best interest of the couple involved. Teenagers are cruel, and whether you know it or not,  it’s common for this extravagant display of affection to end up on social media for the rest of the school to laugh and gawk at. People will always be cruel, so it’s best not to give them material to work with when possible.

Even though this isn’t middle school where teachers inform our parents every time they see us holding hands with someone on campus, it is still good to know what is taking it too far. Instead, be mindful of where you are and who is watching. It’s not just for the sake and comfort of the people in the hallways or the students eating their lunch; it’s also just for your best interest and privacy.

Another thing to consider is the reputation it leaves you with. Yeah, it’s important not to care about what others think of you too much, but in 10- 15 years when people think back to their time in high school, where will you be in their memories? What impression will you have left in their lives? Maybe you don’t care and that’s perfectly fine. Yet, what opportunities will close themselves off to you if the people around you grow up thinking that you don’t take work place settings seriously?

The same thing applies to being mindful of what you post online for future workplace employers; be mindful of the impression you leave on the people around you. You never know when that first impression is going to be ruined from inappropriate behavior in the wrong setting.

It’s fun to have a young high school sweetheart. There’s nothing wrong with being in a relationship either. Going on dates, making time for each other during lunch, and maybe even trying to squeeze in a moment to walk each other to class is all perfectly fine. It’s not wrong to have relationships; we’re in high school and it’s a time where many students want to discover themselves and figure out what they want out of life. In some cases that includes relationships. It’s still important however, to remember who is watching.



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