MAY 3RD, 2018

For centuries, the cosmetics industry has overtaken the world, yet the topic of animal testing has now caused much controversy for the question of it being humane or not. Many makeup consumers have protested against the contribution towards animal cruelty because it has been revealed what experimentations the animals suffer from.

Animal testing refers to procedures that are performed on animals for the purpose of research when creating certain makeup products. More than 100 million animals die every year because of the experimentation they have to go through.

Many makeup brands such as Tarte cosmetics, Hourglass, Too faced, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Lush etc. have produced their entire makeup brand as cruelty free because they believe that they do not need to cause harm on any animals to create their makeup products. “Be one less person from animal cruelty”. ( Lush Cosmetics)

Yet there are brands that are not cruelty free because they sell in China, requiring that all their products be tested on animals in order to flourish in their country. Causing many of their makeup clients to protest against their brand because they do not believe that animal testing should be necessary.

Until animal testing is banned in every country, the makeup industry will always have controversy. People will continue to protest and be an advocate towards animal rights, which will hopefully bring peace to the beauty world.

Michell Guevara